Friday, 24 May 2013

The Most Important Thing is to Act

Lately I have found myself in an extraordinarily good mood at work. This is surprising considering I have felt trapped in my office job for such a long time. So what has changed? I don’t like to use the analogy of death approaching, but I know my remaining time there is limited. I keep telling myself to slow down and be present while I am still here. The things that normally upset me are easier to deal with when I think about the fact that I’ll be away from it all soon.

What I am doing at work hasn’t changed much recently. Since I might as well, I go in and decide to have fun at work. I approach things that are normally dull or intimidating as a game. “OK, let’s see what happens when I try this.” Naturally I lean towards wanting to turn my experience of something tedious into something joyful, so I imagine myself to bring joy to the experience while I do what I have to do. If I fail in whatever way then it doesn’t matter because I’ll be leaving the company soon anyway. They will find someone else to drive their profit driven objectives.

The difference is amazing. I find myself bursting with energy and a good mood. It’s like the light that I believe in and want to be more prevalent in the world flows into the office simply through the fact that I have acted. What I am actually doing has nothing to do with anything grandiose such as “what I really want to do with my life” or “whether I’ll be good at it.” Yet I have transformed the experience of feeling trapped. Simply by acting, I have felt closer to what I would like to bring into the world. Even the most mundane things felt magical.

What we are doing isn’t the most important vehicle to take us where we want to be. To realise our dreams, it is simply important that we act. Our dreams are happening right here, right now, waiting to materialise through us. Acting strengthens our belief that we have the power to realise our dreams.