Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Machine

Nori’s grandmother told her about the machine beings that will rule in the age of weapons.

“What’s a weapon, grandma?” Nori asked.

“It is a hard, sharp, deadly object that is created from materials taken from the earth. It is created in such a way that it will kill fast. The deadlier, the better.” Grandma answered. She knew about the coming age of iron because the auspices had told her.

“Why would anyone create these things, grandmother?” Nori asked, puzzled. Grandmother looked worried and a bit sad. At least that is how Nori would have described it in our words, but she didn’t really understand the feelings she saw in grandma.

“Because they want to dominate others and accumulate things. This is how they will know that they are important.” Nori didn’t understand at all, but grandma continued to tell her about the machine beings.

The machine beings will think that they are God’s representatives on Earth. Because they have been given intelligence, they can use it whichever way they want to. They will think that the Earth is their kingdom and that everything on it is their property. They will regard themselves as the highest life form. They will think that there is no life anywhere else in the universe other than on Earth. Because they are so important, God has given them the entire universe and placed them at the centre of it with their own kingdom of plants, animals and minerals.

The most interesting thing about machine beings is that they don’t care much about killing each other, much less killing other forms of life. The machine people group themselves into communities that function together as one large machine. They put all their efforts into creating something called “thin air” which they use to create a pyramid that gives some people power and impoverishes others. Another curious thing about the society machine is that it’s based on nothing but everyone believes in it because of the thin air, whether it works for them or not. They think the “thin air” is their reason for existence and they have to fight their whole lives to get more of it so others can respect them.

Within each machine there is hate and fighting amongst themselves and between the larger collective machines there is even more hate and fighting. Each machine society believes God to be on their side only.  They often think that their faith is the one true one and that people who have different beliefs will either go to hell or are delusional. The machine beings are intelligent enough to make weapons of mass destruction but they aren’t smart enough to figure out that that bit makes no sense.

“What will happen to these machines, grandma?” Nori asked.

“We will have to wait and see, Nori,” Grandma answered. “It will depend on whether they can wake up from their inflated sense of self-importance and remember that everything else they can perceive is also part of themselves. If they fail the test, they will die out, because what they have created is not sustainable. If they wake up, there is still hope.”

“Where can the hope be found, grandma?”

“In their hearts, Nori, although that would be asleep for a long time. The machine doesn’t think the heart is important. If they remember their capacity to love and forgive then there is still hope.”


“Yes, Nori?”

“Isn’t the machine lonely? How can anyone forget about their hearts - it must be terribly painful!”

“They forget because they are taught from a young age that love is better when received than given. When they give love, it should only be to those who are like themselves for only those are worth the effort. If they love anyone outside their group then there is a risk of mingling, fudging boundaries, and that would lead to more equal distribution of wealth. If people realise they are all brothers and sisters then they wouldn’t want to have too much when there are others who don’t have enough. And when everyone shares and stops stressing about gaining wealth and being at the top then the machine of society will no longer work. Then people will return to simplicity and live in harmony with the earth and all beings on it.”

“Just like us, grandma?”

“Just like us primitive beings, Nori, just like us. The machines will stop being machines and they will become people once more.”

Sunday, 13 October 2013

How Would You Live Differently?

Recently I have been finding it increasingly hard to reconcile the world in my dreams with the world that I actually live in. The material world just seems too demanding and no matter how focused I am or carefully I plan, I cannot keep up. There are many who offer opportunities, but the premise is always that the competition is really strong so you have to be truly exceptional to “get in”. The world seems to be a place where everyone is really stressed out having to fight exceedingly hard to get a piece of a cake that is getting ever smaller.

Although the promises of success, opportunity and being one of a selected few outstanding individuals are alluring, I feel that it’s too draining to try for ever being better than I am. It feels like the harder I try to meet expectations, the more inadequate I feel. The satisfaction that comes from achieving goals hard worked for is always fleeting and somewhat empty. But although I would rahe to turn to re eo let me know your thoughts.used I am or carefully I plan, I cannot seem to keep upowed youther turn to the world in my dreams, it doesn’t exist to everyone. I feel fragmented trying to keep up with the material reality whilst at the same time remaining in touch with my soul.

Last night I meditated on my feelings, asking for guidance that would be useful. I went through different visions but will share what I feel is relevant. At some point I reached a place of nothingness where everything was white. I hit a barrier that I felt although I couldn’t see it. The guiding spirit that was with me continued past the barrier but I couldn’t move on. I hung suspended in the whiteness with the universe holding me although there was nothing else. To me the barrier is symbolic – the point where the old way of doing things can no longer work. When it is reached, everything falls away, including old identities and structures of meaning. Yet the universe is there to hold us while the way is paved for something new. There are forces stronger than us and although it cannot be seen, it can be felt.

Next thing I was led to a place where I walked onto a stage. The spotlight was on me and I had an audience. I was told that all eyes are on me and the world is waiting to hear what I have to say. They would listen to me, so what would I tell them? I walked forward and said with conviction, “Be the joy that you are. Do what you love. It’s the love that is important, so cultivate it.”

Then I was asked: if you have to take your own advice, how would you live differently? I thought about it and said that I would probably be less afraid to love. I would let go of expectations of the way in which love should play out. I would also care less about having been hurt before because if I can still love then it doesn’t matter. I would be quicker to forgive. The thought occurred to me that whatever is going on around me is perfectly fine because the details are unimportant. The important thing is that I love.

In my spiritual search I keep returning to the same place. The world in my dreams is about love whereas the reality I know is based on a strange kind of order that doesn’t actually work. This morning it occurred to me that as clueless as I often feel, maybe I have been making the right decisions all along. Maybe I am not na├»ve in thinking that bringing your authentic self to the world is closer to the target than for ever being at the mercy of the material world. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the old reality is collapsing and that we have to create something better. Perhaps the destruction of the fear based reality is the natural order of things and whatever follows will be better and more substantial. I’m hoping it could mean that humanity is waking up to the fact that love and joy are the natural state. That is what it’s there for – to help us stay on our true path.

A great deal of trust is required to embrace a world that the eyes cannot yet see. The challenge for me would be following my own advice when the world is begging me to do the opposite.

I would like to hear your thoughts. If you have one chance to have the world’s attention and everyone is willing to hear you out, what would you tell them? What would you do differently if you followed your own advice? Please comment or send me a message to let me know.