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In Search of the Golden City - Mia Lutsch
A mythical novel about the search for happiness and the obstacles along the way.
All Things that Matter Press.
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About the Book:
Akim is a boy who has a rare gift of communicating with spirits. He finds himself at odds with the physical world where power reigns and duty has the final say in matters of love. His conflict with the material world explodes when he uses his talents in the service of a good king and falls in love with the king’s daughter, a girl called Matima. Interests of power clash and the two lovers make a pact to flee to a legendary Golden City where they will be free to love without restraint.

Akim and Matima are in danger, and their journey is complicated by the fact that they do not know how to reach their destination. Their quest takes them into a mystical landscape where the border between the physical world and the one of the imagination can barely be distinguished. When they are separated by a band of gypsy women who claim to know the secret of their destiny, Akim faces a terrible challenge which he has to conquer on his own.