Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Death is a Friend

Death is a friend in the shadows. There are those who do not believe in life after death, but I am not one of them. Death validates our existence.

Death represents both the unknown and the known. It is life’s greatest mystery, but also the only certainty we have. Death shows that everything is in a constant state of decay. That is good, because it means we have new opportunities all the time. Whatever we create will be destroyed, which means we can continually explore new possibilities.

Some believe that after death we will be judged on how deserving we were as people. I think we are continually judged in life by ourselves and others on how good we are. If we are not careful, this judgement can prevent us from actually living.

Death is a constant companion whose presence can be applied to our advantage. When I think about the fact that I will not be here for ever, the need to live in a way that is worthwhile is all the more pressing. If we embrace the idea of death, we also embrace the mystery of life. Accepting the fragile co-existence of life with death offers an opportunity to relinquish a mode of existence where we don’t determine our own steps. To escape from cycles of time, we can realise that where we are is enough, because there are multiple possibilities to choose from. Stepping into unknown territory can create a new map for our life.

Ultimately death is about more than our life coming to an end. It is the knowledge that wherever we find ourselves, we will not remain there for ever. Death is also change – the hand of Father Time that tells us when to stay and when to go, when to wait, reap and sow. To me it is also the knowledge that while we cannot live every moment in a spectacular way and although we will make many mistakes along the way, doing our best is usually enough.