About Mia Lutsch
Seeds for my path as a healer were planted in my childhood. Somewhere through the course of my teenage years I entered my “initiatory crisis” where I developed symptoms that led me to uncover my purpose. To me healing has been both a necessity and a gift: through the often painful process of inner work and making changes, the world of the unseen has opened up to me. My own healing required learning how to work with my intuition and sensitivity rather than fighting against it. I have also learned about the interconnectedness of all living things: where an individual needs healing it also represents a society that needs to change its ways. I firmly believe that restoring our connection with the natural world will aid a more wholesome way of life. There is no one size fits all approach: every person making positive changes in their life will have a positive influence on the world at large, including other species. Because I have learned how to work with energies in nature to restore balance on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, I would like to share this gift with others.

I grew up in a background that I would describe as religious, patriarchal and academic. After school I studied Psychology and Classical Literature at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. I worked for a business in customer service for five years, during which I continued my studies of healing and spirituality in my own time. In 2010 I did a course in cross-cultural shamanism through The Four Gates foundation (www.thefourgates.org) in Spain. I followed this up with a course in African Tree Essences (www.africantreeessences.co.za) in 2013. I have recently completed a Master's degree in Classics at the University of Edinburgh, focusing mainly on mythology and ancient civilisations.

This blog is dedicated to the place where inspiration comes from: the space between something and nothing. It is my attempt to give expression to a subtle world that is always behind the veil; the place where all brilliance, healing and creativity comes from. As I go along I write on themes that come up that I think would be beneficial to share.